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Contract hardware engineering and design services with a specialty focus on EMC compliance
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Ethics and Privacy

My activities place me in a privileged position within your organization without actually being an insider. You have every right to know where I stand on these important issues. I understand the value of your intellectual property and take all reasonable measures to protect it as I protect my own IP.

Business Ethics:

  • I strive to maintain the highest level of business ethics.
  • My service rates are not arbitrary and are the same for all clients.
  • I do not engage in activities that would be considered illegal.
  • I do not accept nor offer extra-contractual compensations.
  • I do not engage in fradulent time charges. I do not charge time spent on one project to the account of another. Having worked on govenrment contracts in the past, this is an issue about which I am very strict.
  • I will not share information about your products, business practices, business plans, customers, or suppliers with my other clients whether or not they are competitors. Likewise I will not share this information about them with you.


  • I respect the private nature of contact information you provide to me and that information with which I come into contact during the course of my activities with your organization.
  • I will not share e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, employee names, or similar information.

This is just a simple listing of my stand on Ethics & Privacy. It is not by any means all inclusive and I will gladly consider extending it to other issues you need covered. I am no stranger to Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) and other instruments that are routinely employed to define business relationships.