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Contract hardware engineering and design services with a specialty focus on EMC compliance
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EMC Testing -- verifying the product complies with regulatory and product specification requirements

There are many ways to go about the EMC testing process, but unless you have the resources of a full test lab within your organization the most popular method is to send or take your product to a dedicated test lab.

I will gladly assist in the testing and evaluation of your product even if I have not been involved with the design. I can accompany your product to a test lab and work with test lab personnel to perform the requisite testing. In the event there are compliance issues I can assist, or perform, evaluation regarding measures that can be taken to attain compliance. There are generally many possibilities to improve EMC performance and I can help you evaluate the merits and implications of each.

You may have a test lab with which you routinely work. I can work with any test lab of your choice. If you are new to the EMC testing process I can suggest a couple of test labs I have worked with in the past; or I will gladly assist you in finding a test lab suited to your needs.

There may be portions of the testing that can be performed within your organization, e.g. ESD or power line noise immunity testing. Sometimes this testing is better done within your own organization because you have a better feel for particularly unique requirements of your product. For example, if your product is not a stand-alone product (it is generally a portion or component of a larger system) you may have samples of that total system which you routinely use in the development of your product. This "total system" makes an ideal environment for the testing. This total system may not be easily duplicated in the test lab or the unique requirements may not be readily obvious to the test lab engineers.