EMC Compliance Engineering Services
Contract hardware engineering and design services with a specialty focus on EMC compliance
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Since I offer services at various levels of responsibility, various degrees of urgency, and across many different disciplines there are several tiers in my rate schedule.

Obviously if you request that I travel to your location for a short term/short notice visit there is a premium associated with that availability and travel expenses will most likely be included.

If you want me to head up a project and take responsibility for the performance of a group, my rate would be higher than if you were engaging me to simply perform circuit design or board layout.

I prefer to do the majority of my design work from my own office. My expenses, and therefore your costs, are lower if I can work from my own office. If a project is large enough to warrant periodic visits to a clients location for review purposes those trips will be negotiated at the beginning of the contract and may be shared. There is always the possibility of conducting reviews over the internet. If a client requires that I work at their location there will of course be a per diem negotiated at the beginning of the contract.

For these reasons I have decided not to publish a rate schedule on this web site and, instead, I welcome an opportunity to discuss your project in detail so I can gain an understanding of the level of involvement you are expecting.

I assure you my rates are not arbitrary. I do have a published rate schedule that I will gladly share if you are seriously considering my services.