EMC Compliance Engineering Services
Contract hardware engineering and design services with a specialty focus on EMC compliance
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About Me

Over the past twenty years I have designed products or portions of products for application in a variety of industries. I have spent the past eight years concentrating on EMC issues, understanding the regulations, how they apply to the products I design, and producing products that comply without resorting to extraordinary or expensive solutions. I have come to an understanding that EMC compliant design doesn't necessarily mean expensive design. This is truly one of those cases where an ounce of prevention just might be worth more than a pound of cure.

I have applied this experience to the normal process of circuit and system design. When a design is undertaken with EMC as a continual focus, inherent compliance is a natural outcome without extraordinary remedial work after the design is otherwise ready for production.

I have also served as an in-house consultant to other engineers helping them solve their EMC problems as well. This is not simply keeping emissions below regulatory limits, but helping them solve their noise immunity problems as well.

Regardless of the size of your company or your project, I can help by bringing a level of focus to the EMC aspects of your product.

I undertake the design of single boards or entire systems and everything in between. I can work at any level of involvement from complete project responsibility to various degrees of interaction with your existing staff and vendors. I have worked in a diverse set of team environments with many different organizational models. Many organizations have very structured product development work flows. Others seem to have no structure at all. I have seen both methodologies work well and I have seen both fail. A highly structured orchestra or a loosely structured jam-session; they can both create beautiful music. They have vastly different methodologies but the success of each is uniquely it's own. I can generally find a way to blend cohesively into any organization.

In the past 20 years I have designed products or portions of products in such fields as:

Medical electronics/nuclear medicine data acquisition Design for hazardous environment
Navigation Cellular telephone
Coin changers/Vending Machines Fuel handling systems
Power line communications Memory management and mapping
Remote oil well controllers Disk controllers